Resurgent International Dealerships

*Only Platinum Members are allowed to sell dealerships.


DirecT Marketing Company


Product discounts at bulk purchase arrangement.

Manpower trainings

Marketing and publicity support.

What Dealership Client Gets?

Partner License for chosen area

Exclusivity for all resurgent products in chosen area

Main distributor of all resurgent products in chosen area (Buy from resurgent at wholesale price then sell at retail).


Manage logistics from the Philippines to chosen are

Handle licenses and other government mandated documents and expenses

Act as business development partner of Resurgent in chosen area

Operate a business center (at own expense)

Resurgent Dealership Rates Per Country in US$ (Excluding USA)

Note: *Dealership contract is 2 years. **US rate is per State

OPTION A: Package includes 50% Dealership Fee and 50% worth of Resident Holdings products.

OPTION B: Includes Dealership Fee Only